Top Crypto Journalists From Around the World

Cryptoland has its pioneers, its visionaries - and its scribes. But the top crypto journalists of the world won't include a long list reporters from household-name media outlets. As is often the case in world of disruptive technology, those with the widest audience and the most "subscribers" are often writing for themselves, blogging, reviewing and sharing thought leadership from a position close to the ground.

Which is what makes their perspective so important.

Note: The list below is not sorted in any particular order.

Fred Wilson

Co-founder and managing partner at Union Square Ventures (a significant investor in Coinbase) and the founder of VC firm Flatiron Partners, Fred Wilson is a vocal advocate for blockchain as a whole - and exemplifies the cream-of-the-crop in crypto journalism with his concise observations and opinions published on his blog -


Marc Hochstein

In a day when most online crypto publications are going "pay-for-play" - Coin Desk has stood out as one of the few with higher journalistic standards and quality boots on the ground. Marc Hochstein, formerly Editor-in-Chief of American Banker, is the man overseeing the publication's team as Managing Editor.


Ryan Selkis

Speaking of Coin Desk, its early days and growth were in no small part thanks to the efforts of Ryan who served as Managing Director for nearly 2 years. Formerly Director of Growth at Digital Currency Group, Ryan is now CEO of Messari. Despite having left Coin Desk he continues to write on Medium.


Ready to meet the press?

Building relationships with reporters and telling your story is not easy. Here are some guidelines…


Laura Shin

One name that will be familiar to most - Forbes. And one of the foremost names covering crypto and blockchain at Forbes is Senior Editor Laura Shin. She is also the host of crypto-related podcast Unchained.


Willy Woo

A long-time commentator and crypto-analyst, Willy Woo's writing has appeared on Coin Desk, BraveNewCoin and Forbes. But his content is natively hosted on his blog - Woobull.


Nathanial Popper

The New York Times is naturally focused on many of the major happenings on Wall Street, but Nathanial Popper has a broader view, taking on major topics (no ICO shills) as the scene grows and matures.


Chris DeRose

In the style of many of his peers, Chris DeRose's writing and reporting mix and mingle with work as Community Director at Counterparty. He is often published on BitcoinMagazine.


Be authentic - be realistic.

These are just a few of the marks of a good project worth covering. Read more about what reporters want to see when they receive media pitches.


Jemima Kelly

The Financial Times is about as traditional as you can get - but to their credit they also aren’t afraid to cover fintech and crypto (although not always on page 1!) Jemima Kelly, formerly at The Economist and Reuters, is one of FT Alphaville’s most regular contributors on the blockchain topic.


Oscar Williams-Grut

On the more traditional side of media, Oscar Williams-Grut is Senior City Correspondent Reporter at Yahoo! Finance where he continues to cover blockchain and crypto topics after reporting on general tech subjects and stocks at the London Evening Standard, The Independent and most recently Business Insider.


Wong Joon Ian

Following in the footsteps of several others in the space, Wong Joon Ian spent over 2 years at Coin Desk before going freelance and then finally ending up at Quartz.


Ian Allison

Formerly a reporter covering blockchain for the International Business Times, Ian Allision moved to CoinDesk in early 2018, operating from London where he covers mostly enterprise blockchain applications and events.


Joseph Young

A journalist and financial analyst based in Hong Kong. Joseph regularly makes contributions to Cointelegraph, Cryptocoinsnews, Merkle and other crypto publications. He's also the Managing Director at NewsCrypto and B21M, focusing primarily on bitcoin and cryptocurrency news.


Jeff Kauflin

Back to traditional media, Jeff Kauflin regularly covers blockchain and crypto topics at Forbes. Though not as well-known as Laura Shin, Jeff is still a name to know with his wide-ranging coverage of the space.