This Week in Crypto Valley - 03 Oct 2018

In case you didn't have a chance to follow all the news coming out of Crypto Valley over the past week, here's a quick round up.

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Crypto Valley will get (probably) a crypto bank

A group of (mostly) former UBS bankers has put together over 100 million CHF in funding - in three months time - to build what could be Switzerland’s first fully-regulated crypto bank.


Bitcoin Suisse adds personal firepower

Not to be left behind in the race for top talent, Crypto Valley’s old-kid-on-the-block Bitcoin Suisse added Lothar Cerjak, a veteran of Credit Suisse and Vantobel Bank as its new head of ICO.


Lykke’s Olsen feels old - and young - at the same time

Richard Olsen has been around awhile - and been through many varied experiences. His crypto exchange Lykke take strength from this - and from new investment from Swiss media group Tamedia.


Not quite - ShapeShift responds to WSJ investigative article

After an explosive investigative article by the Wall Street Journal alleging that criminals and terrorists had laundered substantial amounts of money through the platform, ShapeShift’s Erik Vorhees responds - with power.

Ian Simpson