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Sionik is leading Swiss-based communications consultancy for innovative technology companies in Crypto Valley.

We build targeted communications strategies and frameworks for blockchain and fintech startups as well as cutting-edge organisations - so they can connect with their customers, with media and with those who matter most.


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About us

With over 3 years experience in the Crypto Valley ecosystem, we have a clear perspective on what it takes to build a successful blockchain company.

Our focus is on what matters most - period. No fluff. No bullshit. We implement practical communications strategies to help build your brand story, connect to media outlets and grow your international presence with target public relations outreach.

Count on us to serve you - and to help you get “to the point.” Always.

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Tailored marketing and communication strategies and implementation that helps focus your message in the most effective way.



Public Relations

We develop materials and strategies to bring your message to journalists - including press releases, media kits and coaching for press contact.


Social Media Strategy

Being social is key to creating a strong brand and connecting with your target audience. We develop integrated strategies across all social media platforms.


Strategic Networking

We leverage our network to increase yours - and connect you with valuable partners, supporters and investors.



Fill the hole in your early-stage team with our CMO-as-a-Service - bespoke strategy and consultation to define your message and audience, outline steps to growth and assess resources needed.

Content Marketing

Establish your brand identity and solidify your online/offline presence with creative, educational and inspiring content - including social media - for solid growth.


Public speaking

Presenting your company or project in front of an audience can be daunting - and very valuable. We provide one-on-one coaching for important meetings and events.

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Let us share some of our knowledge with you - and get you started on the path to growth through clear communication!


Our Experience

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